About: FEWC Executive Committee

Executive Committee

For information on joining FEWC, contact our chairs listed below.

Kristie Kelley, Gulf Power
ktkelley @ southernco.com

The FEWC Chair leads the  FEWC by setting direction, including the development of FEWC’s vision, mission, and strategic areas of focus and ensures that actions are assigned, carried out and evaluated for success. A second industry representative shall serve as the Chair-elect to prevent leadership responsibilities for FEWC from becoming overly burdensome to one industry member and to prevent loss of momentum if the Chair should become temporarily unable to lead.

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Marlin Vaughn, Reedy Creek Electric Services
Chair – Elect
marlin.b.vaughn @ disney.com

The Chair-elect assists in overseeing all activities of the Consortium. The Chair-elect collaborates with the Chair to learn the role of the Chair, to become familiar with the programs of FEWC and its governance, and to develop and facilitate officer transition. In the absence of the Chair, perform all the Chair’s responsibilities. The Chair-elect shall automatically become Chair at the end of the term as Chair-elect or upon the resignation or extended absence of the Chair.  In addition, the holder of this position oversees the finances of the organization and leads FEWC in efforts to grow membership and increase the engagement of members to sustain FEWC in meeting the changing workforce needs of Florida’s energy industry.

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John Havlik, NCCER
Chair – Career Awareness
Jhavlik @ nccer.org

The Career Awareness Chair leads the FEWC in creating awareness of the critical need for a skilled energy workforce and the opportunities for education that can lead to entry level employment.

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Maureen Capp, Palm Beach State College
Chair – Education
cappm @ palmbeachstate.edu

The Education Chair works to impact education public policy and implementation of energy industry-relevant education and training at the secondary and post-secondary levels with an eye toward opportunities to transfer knowledge from the existing workforce to entry-level workers. He/she leads the FEWC Education Committee and serves on the FEWC Executive Committee. The Education Chair serves as the FEWC’s Liaison to the Florida Department of Education on FEWC education issues, policies, and initiatives. The Education Chair also chairs the Energy Education Working Group.

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Dale Calhoun, Florida Natural Gas Association
Member at Large
dale @ floridagas.org

Betsy Levingston, Lakeland Electric
Past Chair
betsy.levingston @ lakelandelectric.com

Andra Cornelius & Jennifer Grove
Founding Members