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Ranked First In The Nation For Teacher Quality

Whether you live in Florida, are considering moving here, or are just visiting, you may not be aware of the high marks the Sunshine State earns for its public education system. Just last year, Florida ranked first in the nation for teacher quality, first in the nation in advanced placement participation, and first in the southern region for graduation rate and degrees awarded by the Florida College System. Florida’s fourth graders ranked second in the world, just behind fourth graders in Hong Kong, on an international reading assessment. US News & World Report included four Florida magnet high schools in its top 10 magnet high school list. Newsweek named two Florida high schools in its top 10 list and Education Next ranked Florida second in the nation in educational progress over the past 10 years.

About The Florida Department of Education

The Department of Education serves as the single repository of education data from school districts, state and community colleges, universities, and independent postsecondary institutions – allowing us to track student performance over time and across varying education sectors.

We administer a statewide reading initiative for Florida’s public schools, and among community groups and volunteer organizations that support them, with a goal of having every child able to read at or above grade level.

Serving nearly 2.7 million students, 4,200 public schools, 28 colleges, 192,000 teachers, 47,000 college professors and administrators, and 321,000 full-time staff throughout the state, the department enhances the economic self-sufficiency of Floridians through programs and services geared toward college, workforce education, apprenticeships, job-specific skills, and career development. The department manages programs that assist individuals who are blind, visually-impaired, or disabled succeed either in school settings or careers – encouraging independence and self-sufficiency.

Department Facts

More than 2,400 total full-time positions, including
◦ Division of Vocational Rehabilitation – 930 positions
◦ Division of Blind Services – 300 positions

Annual operating budget for all entities in 2012-13 – approximately $18.6 billion

Oversee 28 locally-governed public state colleges and 47 school district technical centers

Number of Schools For 2012-2013 School Year By Grade Levels Taught
(Total: 4,270)

  • Elementary Schools: 1,967
  • Middle/Junior High Schools: 609
  • Senior High Schools: 985
  • Combination Schools: 553
  • Adult Schools: 156

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