Alliances/Partners: Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)

Florida Solar Energy Center: How We Are Making a Difference

As the global community grows, so does the need for energy. With the peak production of oil approaching, new and innovative energy solutions will be needed. See how our research and development is leading the way.


Our mission is to research and develop energy technologies that enhance Florida’s and the nation’s economy and environment and to educate the public, students and practitioners on the results of the research.

The Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) was created by the Florida Legislature in 1975 to serve as the state’s energy research institute. The main responsibilities of the center are to conduct research, test and certify solar systems and develop education programs.

As Florida’s energy research institute — with a 35-year history of unique expertise, experience and infrastructure — we are leading research and development efforts to bring our vision of Energy Independence to fruition.

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