FL Energy Teachers’ Network: Teacher Externship

2015 Florida Energy Teacher Externship Program

We have made our externship selections for 2015.

Please check back after 31 January 2016 for next year’s opportunity.

What is a Teacher Externship?

Teacher externships connect the classroom to the workplace. Teachers spend time in a workplace to learn through direct experience about industry trends, organizational needs, employee skill requirements and opportunities in the electric utility industry. This, in turn, enriches and strengthens their skills by helping to increase the relevance in the learning they present to their students. The educational framework of the externship follows a constructivist, problem-solving approach and is rooted in the adult learning theory.


The purpose of this externship is to give selected teachers the opportunity to engage with business and energy utility industry companies to learn how the curriculum frameworks are applied in the workplace. The experience provides teachers with opportunities to improve their pedagogical practices by incorporating real world practices, methods, and skills in the lessons they present in the classroom. Further, this specific externship is intended to benefit other energy teachers within the state by providing additional classroom resources with real world, industry vetting. These opportunities are designed to take the selected teacher’s experience from the theoretical to the practical.

See the FEWC Teacher Externship Program Guidelines (v.2015-03-16)  for more information on the deliverables, expected outcomes, and application criteria.