Energy Careers



I am Energy. A catalyst to power. Brainpower, skill-power, human-power. I am the epitome of a superpower.

If this statement sounds familiar to you then you’re reading the right information. You’re probably a very talented and skilled individual that likes to use your brain as well as your hands to solve problems. You’re definitely one who strives to make your community a better place to live for those around you. Perhaps you’re at a point in your life where decisions you make are important. You’re not just looking for a job. You’re looking for a career path. And not one that is easy, or boring, but one that challenges your superpower every day. That’s your nature. That’s your Energy.


Want to be a part of an industry that electrifies a town, city, state, country, and even the world? Then you’ll want to consider a career in the electric utility industry. The opportunities vary based on what type of career you choose. Whether you choose to be an engineer, technician, environmentalist, accountant or marketer, make the electric utility industry your first choice.


Think Green! Think Nuclear! A career in nuclear energy is a great career choice if you’re looking for an opportunity to protect the environment.  Individuals can enter this exciting field as craft workers, technicians or engineers. If you like solving problems and “fixing” things, working at a nuclear power plant is a great fit!


It can be 20 degrees outside, but we’re keeping you safe and warm inside. Who are we? We’re your natural gas energy provider. Natural gas is one of the cleanest energy sources available and our industry offers a variety of non-skilled and technical, along with administrative and engineering opportunities


Construction covers a wide range of career opportunities, each with its own knowledge, skill, and ability requirements. The credentials earned will open the door to virtually any form of construction, manufacturing, or maintenance field. If you’re a tactile or visual learner, this is the industry for you!