Membership Benefits



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Consortium membership is open to all companies, organizations and individuals that support the mission of FEWC. The benefits of membership include sharing of best practices, trends, and tools to support workforce development efforts; access to energy workforce supply reports and projections; audience with key energy stakeholders; inclusion in development of energy educational programs; partnership in grant applications and awards; access to outreach pipeline of skilled, craft and professional labor; networking with established alliances.

At the national level there are three drivers for workforce development in the industry.

  • A need to balance supply and demand for the energy workforce in key job categories
  • Reducing skill gaps in potential applicants
  • New and emerging technologies that require additional skills

FEWC has worked to create alliances, process and tools that address these drivers. FEWC’s accomplishments are a clear illustration of the philosophy that we can create together what no one can accomplish alone. Click here to learn more of the benefits of joining FEWC!

Membership Categories

Association of Companies

Any formal organization of energy partners or non-energy sector companies who come together and join FEWC as a group may enjoy benefits of membership through the parent organization. Please contact FEWC for more details about this membership category.

Energy Sector Member

Any company in the State of Florida engaged in providing energy service to an end user. Group membership is allowed in this category only if the end user energy service provider is a member utility sector. All members of the said sector will be considered members of the Consortium.

Non-Utility Sector Member

Any workforce association or organization who supports the mission and objectives of the FEWC.

Educational Entities

Any educational institution or association who supports the mission and objectives of the FEWC.

Membership year runs from July 1st through June 30th. For information on joining, please email